Switching gears from our other services - BizRoots Transactions will handle your contract to close tasks.

That includes all communications, minus negotiating inspections. No sweat, no tears. Just business.
If you prefer to do it yourself, we will set up the system, including detailed checklists and email templates.


Customized Buyer & Seller Project Management Templates

Our highly detailed Buyer & Seller Project Management Templates are customized to your particular business style. Your templates are used for each transaction, which then feeds into our Transaction Manager's Master task list, where all important dates and communications will be met with ease.

Buyer & Seller Email Templates 

To provide consistent, predictable customer service we use 15 Buyer Templates and 19 Seller Templates to communicate with all parties during and after the transaction.  

Ranging from a Congratulations to your clients, introductions to the lender and co-op agents to settlement preparation and even two review request emails, our communications provide the utmost in professionalism.

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